• Hitches

    This is how we got started! Need to carry your bikes or other accessory for a 2" receiver? Of Course we install.

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  • Deep Sinks!

    For all kitchen setups. May not work with factory furnace because of clearance issues. Click for more details.

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  • Katy's Casita Closet

    Self Explanatory! Make use of that wasted space!

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  • Kitchen Window

    We remove your vent hood, add a light, and of course add a window.

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  • Stabilizers, scissor jacks, whatever you want to call them.

    Front? Rear? Both? Let's get your Casita Stabilized!

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  • The Texas Two Step (Double Steps)

    This modification can make it safer for you and your furry friends to get in and out of your Casita.

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  • Stromberg Carlson Tray

    These handy trays can hold generators, coolers, boxes, you name it!

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  • Axle Replacements, bolted or welded.

    Is your axle over 10 years old? Are your cushions getting thrown around and cabinets opened while driving and this didn't used to happen? Maybe it's time for a new axle.

    Axle Replacements 
  • Marine Style Plug

    This adds a "twist lock" style plug to the outside of your camper. This allows the Casita to be "plugged in".

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  • Plumbing Clean Up

    For "older", 2016ish and below, Casita's that still have a P trap and shower valve in the closet.

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  • Refrigerator Replacement

    We've become experts at replacing refrigerators.

  • Inspections

    General inspections, presale inspections.