Kitchen Window with Vent Hood Delete

This modification replaces your vent hood inside and out with a 15”x 18” window. Installing a window in this area is a tedious task as there are many obstacles to deal with. First, the window needs to be positioned correctly to not only cover the existing cutout for the exhaust, but it also needs to cover the rivet holes as well. Additionally, a slot must be made in the upper cabinet to give clearance for the inside compression/trim ring for the window.

There are a few cosmetic issues to note with this modification. While the fiberglass underneath the vent hood is a finished surface like the rest of the cabinets, the vent hood can scuff the surface over time or when it was installed. There will also be screw holes that held the vent hood in. The only practical way to cover these is with a dab of white silicone. These holes are underneath, so you'd have to be lying on the bed to see them anyways. In addition to the holes, there might be residual silicone left from the vent hood. Unfourtanely there are no solvents that remove silicone and it must be dealt with manually. I put in a decent effort to remove most of it, but it's not economical for me to spend hours and hours cleaning this up. Safety note, the vent hood was there to remove fumes and to also protect flammable surfaces while using the stove top.