About Casita Works


I established Casita Works in 2020 to provide quality rear receiver hitches to owners of Casita travel trailers. However, my story really begins years ago.  

I've never been able to “leave well enough alone.” This became really evident during my college years when I got into "rock crawling” and joined the Texas A&M Off-Road Club. We literally modified every part of our vehicles to make them more capable. We would go on a trip, break things, come back, and make them even better.

How does this relate to Casitas? Well, I can't leave our poor Casita alone either!  When I discovered a rotten floor, I replaced it with a plastic honeycomb extrusion and then built a new custom 2"x4" galvanized frame lengthened on the front and rear. This experience led me to start modifying and customizing even more Casitas.  

When I first started Casita Works, I expected that I might sell some hitches, but the endless support and generosity encountered in this community took me by surprise. Over the last two years my company has grown to offer a variety of services in addition to hitches, including front and rear stabilizers, plumbing repairs, and Stromberg installs.

As a member of the Casita Family, I hope to deliver the same quality that Casita owners expect through my custom products and services.

Owning a Casita is more than a choice – it’s a lifestyle!

Doug Krebs
Owner - Casita Works

Image of Casita Works owners wishing customers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays