Let us stabilize your life or at least your Casita!  Light sleeper?  Have dogs that move around? Does your camping partner shake your Casita?  Having stabilizers at all 4 corners greatly improves the shaking feeling in a Casita. We install them in front, back, or both!  Note: Casita's with a pull handle in the closet for the shower have the older style plumbing will interfere with a passenger side front stabilizer.  The plumbing cleanup service is needed to raise the plumbing out of the way.

Newer Casita's come with scissor jacks in the rear, but the jacks are low quality and welded directly to the frame.  Casita Works uses BAL scissor jacks that are made in the USA.  The jacks are bolted to plates that are welded to the Casita frame.  As we've figured out from installing many hitches, Casita frames are all different and usually not parallel/perpendicular to the ground.  We take the time to put your Casita on a lift and ensure your Casita is level.  Next we test fit the plate and grind any interfering welds flat.  Then we level the pad so when the jacks are extended, they hit the ground flat!  We weld the plates on and the finish up by painting any exposed metal.

If you'd like the factory stabilizers or welded on scissor jacks removed, Casita Works uses a plasma cutter to remove them.

Why is welding plates to the frame better?  Use your Casita enough and you'll eventually drive with your jacks down, or find another way to accidentally damage your scissor jacks.  With a welded on plate, you can just unbolt a damage scissor jack and replace it!  I've been to rally's and had to pound a damaged scissor jack back into place after it was damaged.  It would have been much easier to just unbolt it!