Axle Swaps

Is your axle sad and tired, let us change out your axle to a new Dexter High Rise.  We do both the older style of welded on and the newer style of bolted on.  When we get a welded on axle, we cut it off, clean up the frame, and weld brackets on to switch it over to the new style of bolting on.

A bolted on axle is a simple swap.  4 large bolts and 2 sets of brake wires and it's off!  We only use premium heat shrink butt connectors when we reconnect the brakes. 

A welded on axle is obviously more involved.  We use plumb bobs to mark the original center of the axle and then use a combination of a plasma cutter, chisels, grinders, etc... to remove the old axle.  We'll then clean up the frame with flap discs and position the new axle under the Casita.  Then using plumb bobs, tape measures and lasers, we'll make sure the new axle is centered on the frame and also triangulated to the front coupler.  Triangulating to the front coupler is essential in making sure your Casita tracks down the road squarely behind your Tow vehicle!  We check these measurements multiple times through finishing the installation of the axle.Welding on new brackets